Gunshots, Broken Glass As Trump Supporters Breach U S Capitol

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  • After Congress certified Biden’s victory, a statement from the president was issued on Twitter via Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino.
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  • Also, if you see errors — duplicate postings or events misinterpreted as bias crimes on Trump supporters, please let us know.

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‘trump’s Coming Back’: Jan 6 Rioter Regrets Plea Deal, Is Sorry She Got In Trouble

“These machines can be used to alter the outcome of elections,” said another. Undaunted, state Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, said Tuesday that the audit would move forward. “I think there is clearly a justification to do that type of audit that they’re doing in Maricopa County. That’s what I wanted to see done here,” said Ken Eyring, a local activist in Windham who recently appeared at a rally with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Eyring said his only goal is to make sure Windham’s machines are accurate. “I honestly think it could be decades before it’s reconciled,” she says.

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President Trump and his supporters are not seditious or insurrectionists. Bisignano’s call with supporters of Jan. 6 defendants, however, left little doubt where she stands. One thing that Bisignano was insistent about in the voice chat with supporters of Jan. 6 defendants is that she would never turn on her favorite president. Under the plea deal, Bisignano was supposed to cooperate with the government, and could receive credit at sentencing for demonstrating acceptance of responsibility.

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